Athlete, Remember

Read Genesis 2:4-17

Genesis 2 is a retelling of creation with a specific emphasis on the creation of man and woman.  We learn of our humble beginnings ("dust"), the garden of Eden with some geographical reference points (2:10-14), more specifics regarding the work of ruling over creation (2:15), and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (2:16-17).  Why would God put this tree here?  Is he tempting Adam and Eve?  No, the tree is a good, continual reminder to Adam and Eve that God is God and that they are NOT!  As long as they remember that God is God and that they are not, all will be well.  Wouldn't it be great if we all had a big tree in our front yard specifically to remind us each day of our proper place in creation?

Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. We are dust, clay, of the earth, but God has breathed his life into us, forming us in his image.  Humble dust, but valuable images whose value is derived solely from God.  When we're thinking rightly about ourselves, we do not think of ourselves too highly because we know that we are dust, but we do not think too lowly of ourselves because we know that God imprinted his image on us.  When we're not thinking rightly, we often swing between a false view of greatness and a false view of worthlessness.  How do you see yourself right now?

2. How is God calling you to cultivate and care for the gifts and possessions and opportunities that He has given you this week?  (2:15)

3. All of us struggle to remember that God is God and that we are not God.  In what areas of your life right now do you need to let God be God?  Your future? A relationship?  Something else?   Take time to praise God for being God in your life and thank him that you do not bear that burden!

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