Athlete, Be Honest With God

Lord, listen to me and answer me. I am poor and helpless. Protect me, because I worship you. My God, save me, your servant who trusts in you. Lord, have mercy on me, because I have called to you all day. Give happiness to me, your servant, because I give my life to you, Lord.

Lord, you are kind and forgiving and have great love for those who call to you. Lord, hear my prayer, and listen when I ask for mercy. I call to you in times of trouble, because you will answer me. Lord, there is no god like you and no works like yours.

Lord, all the nations you have made will come and worship you. They will honor you. You are great and you do miracles. Only you are God. Lord, teach me what you want me to do, and I will live by your truth. Teach me to respect you completely.

Lord, my God, I will praise you with all my heart, and I will honor your name forever. You have great love for me. You have saved me from death.

Psalm 86:1-13

I heard a pastor once call David bipolar. He said this because as he flipped through the Psalms, many of which are written by David, he would read one where David was rejoicing and the very next one David would be crying out to God for help. I don't think David was bipolar. I think he was just honest with God.

Test it out for yourself. Flip through the Psalms and read what David is saying. More than read, listen for the tone of his voice as he often cries out to God. What you will find is that David brings every emotion he is capable of bringing before the Lord. Remember, David did not compartmentalize his life by putting God in a box reserved for Sunday morning worship. David's audience of one mindset permeated his entire life, right down to his emotions.

I don't know where you specifically are at today as you read this. I know some of you are feeling on top of the world and excited for another year to start. I know some of you are scared. I know some of you are anxious. I know some of you are experiencing a loss of some sort and that's weighing heavily on you. I know others are struggling with depression and suicidal ideation.

Wherever you are at please know this: God wants you to be honest with him about what's going on. Guess what? Nothing you say is going to surprise him. If you are thinking it, he knows it. He even knows what your thinking and feeling before you think or feel it yourself.

So be honest with him. He can handle it. An audience of one mindset does not mean bring your highlight reel before God. It means laying everything that's before you, the good, the bad, and the ugly, before your loving Father.

What do you need to be honest with him about today?

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