Athlete, Pursue a Clean Heart

If you didn't get a chance to watch the digital chapel on Sunday, you can watch it HERE. It's worth your time.

This week is about forgiveness. Let's start with a guy from the Bible. His name was David.

David was King of Israel. At a time when the other kings were off fighting battles, David stayed home. One evening he found himself on top of his balcony, unable to sleep. While he was walking around, he noticed a woman in the town bathing herself. David had the woman—her name was Bathsheba—brought to his chambers. He slept with her. A short while later he found out she was pregnant. Oh yeah, she was married too. Her husband was currently fighting for Israel. In an attempt to cover it up, David ordered his commander to send Bathsheba's husband to the front of the battle line. He was killed.

David appeared to have covered all of his bases. But a prophet of the Lord named Nathan found out and called David out on his multiple sins.

I don't know about you, but sometime I feel like my mess is too much for God to handle. It's helpful for me to read about David because later in the Bible he is referred to as "a man after God's own heart." How can this be? How can a guy who took advantage of a married woman and then had her husband killed be considered a man after God's own heart?

I don't fully know how to answer that. But I think Psalm 51 gives us a hint. It's a prayer that David wrote to God after he was caught in his sin. It's David pleading for forgiveness.

Despite David's mess, he was not beyond God's ability to forgive. And you and I are not either.

Read Psalm 51 right now. Use it as a means to confess any areas of your life that you need forgiveness for. And trust that if God can forgive David, he can, and will, forgive you too.





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