Athlete, Divisions Exist

Read Genesis 11:1-9

The division hinted at in Genesis 10 becomes clear in chapter 11.  God commanded humans to fill the earth with the image of God, that the name of God might be worshipped throughout the earth, but instead we refused to "scatter" and sought to hoard our resources to "make a name for ourselves" (11:4).  God's judgment on the people at Babel forced them to scatter, but now instead of experiencing unity in diversity (e pluribus unum!), they experienced division in diversity.  

Humanity has been experiencing this division in diversity ever since, but Jesus is reversing the curse as He gathers a diverse people into one body.  This work started at Pentecost (Acts 2), when Jesus pours out his Holy Spirit on the church so that people of "divided" languages are able to hear about Jesus.  And his work continues through the church today until there are people from every tongue and tribe and nation!

 Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. In what ways do you try to keep God's gift to yourself in order to remain comfortable, rather than extending his gifts to others in order to fill the earth with the image of God?  

2. In what ways are you trying to make a name for yourself this week rather than seeking to make the glory of God known?  

3. Where do you experience division, or lack the true unity that God desires, with people who are different from you?  Ask God to help you see prejudices in your heart against people who do not share your first language, your skin color, your socioeconomic background, etc.  

4. Is your life arranged to avoid contact with people who are different?  Ask Jesus to move you toward true unity with people who are different and praise him for his on the cross, where He took the judgment for our prejudices and division, and for his resurrection that restores us to life together.

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