Athlete, God Saves Messy People

*This devotional series was written by the AIA staff team at the University of Virginia

Read Genesis 27:1-40

Redemption is messy, because God is saving messy people. He has also chosen to use messy people, messy churches, and messy ministries to be the instruments of his grace. He uses people who plot and scheme for what God freely gives.  Our sin still causes pain and often damages the fruit of ministry, but God uses us in spite of ourselves in our to reveal the riches of his grace and power.

In today's passage, we see the damage done by sin. Isaac and Rebekah are believers, but all is not right in their marriage and family. Isaac is driven by his desire for "tasty food," Rebekah is the mastermind behind deceiving Isaac, and they both play favorites. Jacob, who is not yet a believer, is more than complicit in the deception. (We later learn, from Genesis 48:17-20, that giving the first blessing to Jacob could have been much easier!). Yet God uses Isaac, Rebekah, and Jacob as instruments of his grace in spite of themselves in order to reveal the riches of his power and grace.

Questions for Reflection & Prayer

1. Where do you see sins coming from poor communication, deceit, favoritism, or the desire for immediate satisfaction damaging your family or close relationships?  Take time to pray through these things.

2. How have you seen Christians, churches or ministries fail to love well?  We should not "sweep sins under the rug" as if they did not happen, but do you remember that God uses us and his church in spite of our failures? Take time to pray for God to use you in your weakness and for God to your friends/church/ministry in their weakness.

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