Athlete, Location Matters

*This devotional series has been written by the AIA staff team at the University of Virginia

Read Genesis 13

Location!  Location!  Location!  We do not know exactly how much Abram's nephew, Lot, knew about his choice of land, but it ended up being an extremely poor choice of real estate given the evils of Sodom.  Even though Lot was a child of God (Genesis 19; II Peter 2:7-8), it seems that he had little, if any, redemptive impact on his neighbors.  He also ends up making some highly questionable moral decisions in Sodom.

Abram, on the other hand, begins to inherit the promised land of God.  God reaffirms his covenant-promises to Abram and gets more graphic about the land and the great number of people who will come from him (13:14-17).   Twice in this chapter Abram responds in worship (13:4, 18).

 Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. Christians are called to enter into dark places in order to bring the light of God, but we also need to exercise wisdom to protect ourselves from unnecessary temptation and compromise.  Perhaps Lot put himself in a context that was too much for him.  Are you putting yourself in situations or contexts that may be too much for you?  On the other hand, are you entering into people's lives who do not know God?  

2. Our reliance on promises, whether they are from a spouse, a friend, an employer or business partner, a coach, or from God, shape how we live our lives.  God knew that Abram needed continual reminders of his goodness and promises.  How are the promises of God shaping what you are living for today?

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