Athlete, God Unites

Read Genesis 2:18-25
Adam is ruling over creation (2:19-20), but it was not good for him to do it alone.  He is made in the image of a relational God and was therefore made for relationships.  He also needs the help of others who have different gifts and abilities, not to mention genetic makeup.  Eve is given to him as a helper in his calling, and this is not a derogatory term as the term is also used of God (e.g. Psalm 46:1).  

In this passage, in which God presides over the first wedding, complete with singing (2:23), we see a human relationship without sin.  Adam and Eve are united, one flesh, naked yet unashamed.  The awkwardness that exists now in even the best human relationships was absent, because they had no shame.  

Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. How much of a priority are friendships in your life right now?  Are you seeking depth in your friendships that goes beyond surface small-talk?  Ask God to work in your friendships.

2. What are you seeking in relationships?  Are you trusting that the Creator of relationships has a good plan for your life and waiting for Him to provide the unity and oneness that comes with marriage, or are you trying short-cuts?   Ask for God's work in your heart and in your current or future relationship.  Praise Him for being the author of friendships, relationships, marriage, and sex.

3. Whether you are male or female, do you honor the opposite sex and see your need for the opposite sex in fulfilling our calling as God's stewards?

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