Athlete, Ask Your Questions

Read Exodus 3:11-4:17

Who am I?  “I will be with you.”  What if they ask me your name?  “I AM who I AM.” I AM the God who has always been, from whom all things find their source, who is present with you.   What if they do not believe me?  I will enable you to perform miracles.  What if I’m not gifted enough?  I am the One who gave you your mouth.  Can’t you just send someone else?  I will send your brother Aaron with you and “will help both of you to speak.”  

Five times, Moses questions God’s choice of a messenger.  We can all relate to his fears and insecurities.  He is so very human in this moment.  God never denies Moses’ weakness or downplays his doubts.  Each time, God’s answer is not about what Moses can do, but what He will do through Moses.  His presence and power will be more than sufficient in Moses’ weakness.  

And, by the way, what kind of God is willing to field these questions from Moses?  He is holy, majestic, and altogether greater than any created being (3:5-6,14), but He is the kind of God who is willing to bend his ear to his creatures and engage in extended dialogue.  He is patient and supportive in Moses’ questioning and self-doubt, at least until Moses rejects God’s first four answers and requests an exemption from God’s call.  At this point, God is still gracious toward Moses, but He is angry with his son (4:14).  Perfect patience does not equal unlimited patience.  

Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. We have so much to learn from Moses’ dialogue with God.  Do you believe that our God is willing to entertain your questions?  Are you being honest with him about your struggles and doubts, giving him room to speak into your life?
2. Where are you shrinking back from God’s call on your life due to self-doubt?  How do God’s responses to Moses’ questions speak into your own self-doubt and insecurities?  Take time to reflect on God’s responses to Moses, to praise Him for who He is, and to ask for his power and love to be displayed in the midst of your weakness.

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