Athlete, Peace is a Weapon

Peace is one of the greatest tools and weapons Jesus offers his followers. It may be weird to consider peace a weapon but that's exactly what it is. Ephesians 6 lays our for us the "spiritual armor" we are to dress ourselves with as we endure the schemes of our spiritual and ultimate enemy.

Within this armor we are commanded to fight with our feet firmly planted.

"and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace." Ephesians 6:15

This takes me back to my days as a Graduate Assistant football coach where I helped coach Defensive Backs. A DB's footwork is everything and there is no way a DB can react to the movement of the offensive players if their feet are not firmly gripping the playing surface.

In a boxing match a boxer's feet must be firm, without the firmness of their boots, a boxer is not able to throw a powerful punch or gracefully dodge the onslaught of their opponent.

The Gospel of Peace is the very thing that holds our feet in place and prevents us from spiritually slipping when we go about our daily lives. Its almost as if Paul (Writer of Ephesians) is remembering all of his missionary journeys along the roads of the Middle East and the cuts and bruises that his feet experienced because of the thorns and rocks along the road.

In his mind he likens the Gospel as the very thing that protects us, that holds us and cushions the blows that we take through our lives.

This Gospel of Peace is available to everyone and anyone. Not everyone chooses to "put on" the Gospel of Peace, but today you can make this very decision. Consider these questions.

  1. What prevents you from putting on the Gospel of Peace on a daily basis?
  2. How would your perspective on life and Jesus be different if you knew the depth of the  grace and love God has for you.
  3. Imagine how well you would respond in any situation if you feet were fitted with the "Gospel of Peace"

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