Athlete, There Is No Middle Road

Read Genesis 5 & Psalm 1

Even though we've been seeing the brokenness of humanity, we are reminded in 5:1-2 of the innate dignity of humanity as God's image and likeness, which is passed on to each generation (5:3).  Of course, Adam's "fallen" or sinful nature now also infects his prodigy.  However, unlike Cain's lineage, which we read about yesterday, Seth's descendants have a relationship with God.  In the seventh generation, we read that Enoch "walks with God," in distinct contrast to the seventh generation of Cain's lineage in which Lamech boasts of murder.  As Psalm 1 teaches us, we will go one way or the other.  There is no middle road.

You will notice, in this genealogy, that people were living for a really long time.  After the catastrophic flood (Genesis 6-9), the lifespans decrease dramatically over a number of generations (11:10-26).  When sin entered the world and separated humanity from the fullness of God's protection and blessing, death in all its forms (spiritual, relational, physical, etc.) came upon humanity.  A 900-year lifespan is really short compared to eternity!  But as the corruption and decay brought by sin set in, lifespans decreased even more.  Why do the lifespans decrease dramatically right around the time of the flood?  We do not know exactly, but it's very possible that such a flood caused ecological changes that were severely detrimental to human life.  

Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. In this chapter, we see the power of families, as faith in God (or the absence of faith) seems to be passed on from generation to generation.  Take time to praise God for his grace in your life, whether that grace came through your family, from a source outside of your family, or both.  Take time to pray for the legacy of faith that you will leave in your future or current family, and that God would pour out his grace on people around you who do not come from a family of faith.

2. Ponder the goodness of God in creating us to live with him forever.  Mourn with and pray for those who are experiencing the pains of broken bodies.  It's okay, even good, to mourn over your own brokenness and others'.  But look in hope to the resurrection from the dead that we have through our union with Christ, and pray for those around you to anchor their lives in this sure hope.

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