Athlete, Don't Fall

*This devotional series has been written by the AIA staff team at the University of Virginia

Read Genesis 3:1-13
The chapter begins with a question about God's command.  The implication is that the command is not good for Eve.  Did God really say that?  Is God withholding something good from them?   The heart of the temptation is to be "like God" (3:5).  Adam and Eve are already in God's likeness, but this temptation is for something more.  

After they take the fruit in an attempt to take the place of God, their world begins to unravel.  They were unashamed, but now they hide from each other behind fig leaves and they hide from God behind the trees.  They cast blame (3:12).  They are no longer comfortable in their own skin.  They were not made to bear the weight of autonomy.  They were made for God.  

Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. In what ways are you questioning the goodness of God and his commands?  Where are you tempted to believe that He is actually trying to withhold something good from you?  Given that God created all things, prayerfully reason with yourself and see where your line of questioning breaks down.

2. Over the past few days, in what ways have you taken the place of God in your life?  Take time to confess, receive God's perfect forgiveness through Christ, and prayerfully repent.

3. Where are you experiencing distance or separation in relationships with other people?  Where are you perhaps casting blame on others to avoid personal responsibility?  

4. Is there anything you are trying to hide from God so that you can keep control over it?  There is nothing fun about this passage, but we can only experience the fullness of God's grace and renewal when we bring everything before him.

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