Athlete, Step Out In Faith

Read Genesis 6

Accounts from dozens and dozens of ancient civilizations describe a catastrophic flood on the earth, but none compare to the biblical account. While we have already seen the judgment of God in removing humanity from the fullness of his presence and blessing, introducing death into the world, we have not seen it quite like this.  Why would God wipe humanity from the face of the earth?  Thankfully, Genesis 6 gives us an intimate glimpse into the heart of God.  In 6:6, we see that God grieves over the evil that was permeating the human heart (6:5) to the point that his heart was "filled with pain."  If God loves what is good, He must hate all that destroys the good.  He will not put up with evil forever and is free to end it whenever He chooses.  

Specifically, God grieves over the marriage relationships of the "sons of God" (6:1-4).  There a several interpretations of "the sons of God."  One plausible interpretation reads the "sons of God" as men who came from believing families who married for the wrong reasons and united themselves to women who would lead their hearts away from God.  Another reads the "sons of God" as powerful warlords (i.e. "heroes of old, men of renown" in 6:4) who form harems, marrying "any of them they chose" (6:2).  Regardless of the exact interpretation, the importance of marrying well and pursuing God through marriage is striking.  

But God shows grace to the man who walks with him by faith.  Noah takes God at his word and builds a huge boat on dry land.  Noah and others are saved from judgment by faith.  

Questions for Reflection and Prayer

1. It is not our role to judge the world, but we are called to judge between good and evil, and to "hate what is evil and to love what is good."  What is your attitude toward the sin that exists in your own life, in your community, and in the world?  Have you developed a comfortable relationship with sin recently, or do you hate it?  Are you sitting on judgment on anyone?  Pray that you would see sin as God sees it, and take time to praise and thank him that Jesus took our sin and his hatred of sin upon himself so that we would be freed from it.

2. Do you trust the God who created all goodness and love with his judgment on evil?  Where are you tempted to sit in judgment on God's judgement, or on his perceived lack of judgment?  Take these things to God in prayer.  God can handle your honesty, but we must come humbly.  

3. Are you seeking God's will in relationships and marriage, or are you looking for relational satisfaction outside of God's ways?

4. In what part of your life do you need to take God at his word and step out in faith, that others might be saved from death?

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