Athlete, Put On The Qualities

*This devotional series was written by the AIA staff team at the University of Virginia

Read Genesis 23 & 24

Genesis 23-24 form one continuous substory. Chapter 23 begins with the death of Sarah and chapter 24 ends with Isaac being comforted after his mother's death through his marriage to Rebekah. In both chapters, Abraham refuses to compromise with surrounding Hittites, who did not share his morals or his covenant relationship with God. First, he refuses to accept a burial site as a gift from the Hittites. He purchases land from them in the promised land, a sign of his faith in God's future provision, and thereby prevents the Hittites from later questioning his right to the land. Second, he will not allow Isaac to compromise his faith by marrying a Hittite.

The beautiful story of Isaac's wedding to Rebekah reveals not only Abraham's faithfulness, but also many other instances of human and divine faithfulness. God's sovereignty and goodness are on display as He orchestrates the entire episode. The prayerful, obedient, and determined servant is a model of service in God's kingdom. Rebekah's hospitality, service, and resolute faith (24:58) are a model of Christian living. Finally, Isaac's prayerful patience shows us how to wait on God's provision.

Questions for Reflection & Prayer

1. Consider one or more of the characters in this story. How would God have you "put on" these qualities in your life?  

2. God's sovereignty is generally not as evident to human eyes as it is in this story, but this story reminds us that He is always sovereign and good. How do you need to rest in his sovereign goodness today?

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