Athlete, It Is The Little Things

Catch all the foxes,
those little foxes,
before they ruin the vineyard of love,
for the grapevines are blossoming!
Song of Solomon 2:15

While I was playing football in college, one thing our coach used to always reiterate to our team was that "It's the little things that are going to get us beat." He would say by us not taking care of the little details in our lives is going to cause us to lose on the field.  He would use examples such as, not picking up after ourselves in the locker room or cafe, or not having the correct gear on, or not getting our school work done. At first I didn't understand this logic, because these things didn't necessarily correlate with winning football games, but after a while I understood his point. If we weren't disciplined in doing the small easy things such as picking up after ourselves, how are we going to be disciplined on the football field where things are a lot faster and complex.

In the scripture above, the woman in this story  is referencing  her romantic relationship between her and her fiance in talking about "catching those little foxes," which could be the  temptations, sins, and problems that could ruin a relationship. This same concept can be applied to our integrity.

Athlete what are some of your "little foxes"? What are the small compromises you are making?  What are the corners being cut that don't seem significant to you, but can lead to bigger problems? Sometimes I read articles of people cheating on their spouse, or people mishandling money and think I never would have thought that person would do such a thing. But I believe the decision to make these huge compromises becomes a lot easier when we are making compromising our integrity in little things along the way. Tomorrow we're going to talk about one way we can catch these little foxes.





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