Athlete, Make Time

What is it about the Bible that stops us from reading it on a daily basis? Why is it so hard to put down something to take up the Word of God?

One of the biggest excuses I make is, "I don't have time."

When I really think of this excuse I can't help but cringe. I don't have time? Here is the reality, Athlete, you make time for the things you love. You will make time for school, your relationships, your sport, your video games, your shows, just to name a few. How can I give the excuse of not having time when I am on my phone over 4 hrs a day?

Maybe it's time for you to evaluate your schedule and see where God has fit in and where He should fit in in the future?

The Author of the universe wants to show himself to you, right now, through the Bible. Let's make time to learn about him.

Take a few minutes to read the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119.

With anticipation, go meet the Creator of everything and see what he is saying about himself, his word, and the world he formed.





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