Athlete, Commit

Commit. Verb: to pledge or engage oneself.

As athletes we know what it means to commit to something. It means doing it wholeheartedly. It means sacrificing for that thing. It means making a pledge to yourself, and others, you will do your best to make it happen.

God desires us to commit to reading his word on a consistent basis. This is not to say we do it to just do it or check some sort of box, but because the God of the universe wants us to know him and the Bible lets us know him a little better. We get a glimpse into the Savior's heart when we read the Bible and this should cause us to commit to reading it.

Again today there isn't much to say other than get some time in God's word today. As soon as you are done with this open up your Bible or Bible app (or go the the Bible within the Ao1Life App) and read John 15.

As you read, remember that the Bible is about God, not you, so get to know Him as you read it.





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