Athlete, Memorize the Truth

Read Matthew 4:1-11

For many of you, you have read these verses many times before. You have heard sermons on them. Maybe you have even given talks about them or did Bibles studies on them. But I hope the Bible doesn't come so familiar to you that you miss what God is trying to tell you.

When something becomes familiar we can just go through the motions and not even think about it. This can be true in life, sport, and in your relationship with God. Can you imagine if Jesus would have just gone through the motions when being tempted? But he didn't, he was proactive and focused. He was fasting and praying and staying attentive to God.

As you read these verses I hope you noticed how Jesus combated the lies of the enemy.

With the word of God.

He had read and studied the scriptures so often and so deeply that he could quote them from heart. He had memorized key and important verses to remember the truths of the Father.

When you examine your life, what lies are you believing? Do you have verses that you have memorized to combat those lies? If not, do the work and follow Jesus' example by combating lies with the truth memorized.





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